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Workshop Materials

Collection of materials used in workshops, including agendas, resources, activities, and articles.


College-Going Culture Strategies & Indicators for Demonstration Sites

CEP & CASN, UC Berkeley; Sept. 2008

List of strategies and indicators of strengthening college-going culture for demonstration sites CGC_STRATEGIES_AND_INDICATORS__9-08.doc (36.35KB)

Napa Valley USD Workshop Agenda Jan. 28, 2009

Kaufman, Stern; CEP & CASN, UC Berkeley; 2009

Workshop agenda presented on Jan. 28, 2009 at Napa Valley Unified School District Napa_Valley_USD_Workshop_1-28-09.doc (32.26KB)

Sacramento City Schools Workshop March 23, 2009

Tidyman, Susan; Sanchez, Juan

Agenda for workshop conducted at Sacramento City Schools, March 23, 2009 SACRAMENTO_MAR_23_2009_AGENDA.doc (20.99KB)

College Tool website screen shots

College Tools team

Sixteen screen shots from the College Tools website that can be used to create PowerPoint presentations. They include the home page, "top level" pages from each of 4 major sections, samples of Resource sections, Glossary, a Spanish page, a sample pop-up transcript, and more. (2908.1KB)

Scavenger Hunts, Symposium Evaluation Form

Charles Dayton

"Scavenger Hunts" that explore concepts in each of the 4 main topic areas of the College Tools website. This pdf bundle also includes a Symposium Evaluation Form. 4ScavengerHunts_SymposiumEval.pdf (252.11KB)


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