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Looking for college enrollment information?

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For information on application and enrollment requirements for specific colleges and career programs in California, please visit their websites. 

The systemwide home of the University of California provides links to each of the 10 UC campuses.

The California State University system includes 23 campuses. For links to their web sites, visit the CSU home page.

Learn about the extensive network of schools that comprise the California Community College system on its web site.

The web site of California Vocational Schools provides information on dozens of professional and vocational schools and training programs.

The web site of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities helps you find schools by geographic area, type, or program categories.

A variety of apprenticeship opportunities in California construction trades are described on the BuildingC3 web site.

The California Education Roundtable has created the web site, which contains comprehensive information about all post-secondary educational options in California, including state universities, private colleges, community colleges, and career preparation programs.






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Last modified on 9/10/2009

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