Transcript Evaluation to Increase College-Going

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Why is it important?

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 A transcript is the most important academic record of what a student has accomplished throughout their high school career. It contains a complete record of their courses and grades, as well as personal information like the student’s age and home address.

Using the transcript, those advising students can help them develop a four-year high school plan, beginning, if possible, in middle school. This plan can then be updated and revised as needed throughout high school. School staff and/or outreach staff from institutions of higher education can help with this. The evaluation of a student’s transcript and the review of his or her four-year plan is something that should be done at least once every academic year.

While the transcript is important for helping students make informed choices about coursework, it is also a vital tool for those advising students about their goals, options and opportunities.  It also can help students shape their future educational and career paths.  As educators, we have a responsibility to encourage and support students by providing as many positive options as possible, while being realistic and pragmatic. The quality of the advice we give students can determine the trajectory of their future. For this reason, families and educators should pay close attention to students’ transcripts – both what is currently on them and what they will look like in the future – so that students are prepared fully to develop their educational and career paths.

This section of the website gives access to multiple tools and resources to help support schools and educators in conducting transcript evaluations and providing information to ensure that all students are prepared for all post-secondary options following high school.






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Last modified on 9/10/2009

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