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I've analyzed the transcript, now how do I develop a 4-year high school plan?

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It is important to develop a four-year plan with students as soon as they begin high school, updating it every year thereafter. It is even better to create this plan near the end of middle school so students enter high school with an awareness of what they need to accomplish to have the best options when they graduate.

Another reason for a four-year plan is that it gives students a sense of what they have accomplished as they progress through high school and reminds them of what they still need to do. It also gives counselors a tool to see what students need to do to meet their goals.

Making the transcript and four-year plan available to parents is another useful strategy. If parents understand their student’s transcript and help to develop and update the four-year plan, they can provide support and encouragement along the way, reinforcing the messages the school is giving and helping to advance the student’s post-secondary goals.

You can use templates to assist your students in developing their four-year plans. They are available from, UC Berkeley, and UC Academic Planner.

Remember to always have the a-g course list for each corresponding year of high school in order to correctly identify which courses are UC/CSU approved!


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Last modified on 1/1/2010

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