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The Transcript Evaluation Service (TES)

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The Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) is a statewide initiative of the University of California’s Office of the President (UCOP). It allows the transcripts of an entire high school student body to be electronically examined to determine students’ progress toward meeting the UC/CSU a-g course entrance requirements.

TES is designed to improve student academic achievement by showing students what courses they have completed, and still need to complete, to fulfill California’s public college and university entrance requirements. Surveys show that between 80% and 90% of students want to go to a four-year college when they enter high school, but far fewer actually do so, often because they’re not given the information needed in high school to let them prepare adequately. Many high schools also offer too few of the 15 a-g required courses to permit all students wishing to take them to do so. TES can help to address both problems.

In addition to information on individual students, participating schools receive schoolwide reports that show how close students are to meeting the a-g requirements, as well as areas in which students or schools should target additional assistance. These reports also integrate information on academic preparation and financial preparedness and are designed to apply to all students (not just those planning to attend four-year schools).

More information is available about TES at its web site, which includes reports, information for school personnel and families, student privacy, and how high schools can apply to participate.

Best Practices Using the Transcript Evaluation Service

The following are examples of ways high schools utilized the Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) in order to positively impact their college-going rates.

  • Used TES in one-on-one counseling sessions with students to check their progress towards meeting UC/CSU eligibility benchmarks, schedule their courses for the following year, and plan for students’ academic futures after high school.
  • Paired TES reports with the high school’s Doorways-approved a-g course list to develop individualized four-year plans for students.
  • Examined curricular offerings in a small school (career academy) to change master schedules by discovering areas schoolwide obstacles to meeting a-g requirements.
  • Used individual student TES reports paired with college trips and the creation of a student college club to help motivate students for college and identify potential schools.
  • Identified students who were meeting or close to meeting their a-g benchmarks to direct additional resources, such as SAT preparation, enhanced counseling, and enrichment activities.


Transcript Evaluation Service

University of California, Office of the President

The home page of the Transcript Evaluation Service, which provides high schools with detailed reports on students' progress toward meeting "a-g" requirements.

Using Better Information to Help Reduce Inequality in College Access

Sanchez, Juan; Kaufmann, Gail; Morales, Claudia; Hayes Mellish, Miya; Center for Educational Partnerships, UC Berkeley, 2009.

This report explains how the Transcript Evaluation Service provides better information for advising individual students, planning a school's curriculum, and guiding local and state policy. It includes results from a pilot project. TES_better_info.pdf (147.11KB)


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