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As mentioned in the prior section, this work is most easily done by two people working together. One person takes the “a-g” list and the other takes the master schedule

Start with the first section of the “a-g” list:  a. History/Social Science.  Typically the first course listed is American Government.  The person with the master schedule highlights and counts all the sections that correspond to American Government.  Any transcript abbreviations found on the master schedule should be noted on the “a-g” list for future updates. Then move to U.S. History; how many sections are offered for U.S. History? How many for Honors or AP World History? How many SDAIE and SEI courses?

The person with the “a-g” list keeps a tally of the sections offered per course as the person with the master schedule counts them. Make sure to pay close attention to whether each course has been approved for "a-g" credit. Choose other highlighter colors for English, Math, and so on. Continue this process until you have gone down the entire “a-g” list. 


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Last modified on 9/10/2009

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