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How do I analyze a transcript of a student who does not have a traditional schedule and/or high school experience?

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What do I do with a transcript that has block scheduling?
There are two common types of block scheduling.

  1. Different classes every other day taken over the course of a year, usually called an A/B block schedule. The advantage of this approach is that students get used to the college system where you do not take the same classes every day. They also take fewer, but longer, courses each day. You would analyze this transcript exactly as you would a traditional one.
  2. Year-long classes finished in one semester, usually called a 4 x 4 block schedule.  Students take four year-long courses each semester. The advantage of this system is that scheduling students to make up deficiencies during the school year is easier, and they can take up to 8 courses per year rather than 6 or 7. This system makes it a bit more difficult to analyze a transcript. If the transcript lists only one grade for the course, you would only count one grade instead of two semester grades. However, most block scheduling done this way shows two grades per course on the transcript even though the course was taken within one semester.

What do I do with a student who has attended school outside of the U.S.?
Students who have international coursework on their transcript need to list all courses attempted and record all grades earned exactly as reported by the foreign school, whether as numbers, letters, percentages or words. For more information, see the UC publication Quick Reference for Counselors, page 55.

If you have specific questions about a student’s academic record in a foreign school, you can contact an international admissions specialist on any UC campus. Their contact information can also be obtained in the Quick Reference for Counselors, on page 76.


Quick Reference for Counselors

University of California, Office of the President

Quick Reference for Counselors provides high school and community college counselors with detailed information to help them better advise their students about University of California admission and selection policies.


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Last modified on 1/1/2010

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