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How do I determine whether a student is CSU and/or UC eligible?

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 CSU/UC eligibility is based on three requirements:

  1. The Subject requirement refers to the 15 “a-g” courses that students must take in order to be considered eligible.
  2. The Scholarship requirement refers to the minimum required GPA. For UC, the minimum GPA is 3.0 and for CSU, 2.0.
  3. The Examination requirement refers to the college entrance exams. For UC and CSU all required exams must be taken by no later than the December test date during a student’s senior year. You need to advise students to begin taking the exams during their junior year so that they can take them more than once and have the best chance to obtain the highest score possible.

To compare the minimum eligibility requirements for both UC and CSU, use the this matrix , which also gives you information about validation.

More information on CSU eligibility.

More information on UC eligibility.

California is another online tool designed to help students determine their eligibility.

It is important to compare the graduation requirements of a student’s high school with the UC/CSU entry requirements. In most cases students need to complete additional courses beyond the “a-g” requirements to graduate from high school, such as physical education and keyboarding. You can compare California’s state Education Code graduation requirements with the CSU and UC entry requirements at the California Department of Education website. For the “a-g” courses available at a given high school, go to the Doorways a-g courselist site, which can be found by clicking “a-g Course Lists” on the Doorways home page.


CSU-UC Comparison of Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Freshman

University of California, Office of the President

A side-by-side comparison of the CSU and UC system requirements as well as information regarding validation. CSU-UC_Validation_Sheet-Matrix.pdf (50.98KB)

CSU Mentor

California State University

CSU Mentor has a wealth of information about the California State University System. This specific webpage details the minimum Freshman requirements for CSU eligiility.

UC Eligibility Calculator

University of California, Office of the President

A step-by-step way to figure out whether or not a student meets UC eligibility.

California High School Graduation Requirements

California Department of Education

This website compares California High School Graduation Requirements to UC and CSU Freshman Entrance Requirements.


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Last modified on 8/13/2010

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