Transcript Evaluation to Increase College-Going

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What do I need to analyze a transcript?

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1. You need a student’s most recent transcript. Access to this may be limited. All high school administrators, counselors and registrars should have such access. The registrar is in charge of producing official transcripts, those requested by universities and scholarship organizations. Usually students are required to pay a nominal fee to request their official transcript be sent somewhere. However, you do not need the official version to complete a transcript analysis.

2. The "a-g" course lists for all of the schools the student has attended during high school. You can find these at the "a-g" course list section of the Doorways website.

3. An "a-g" template to map out "a-g" courses taken and planned for the future. These templates are available from an Academic Planner website and in UC Berkeley publications:

4. SAT and/or ACT test scores, if available


UC a-g Course Lists

University of California; Office of the President

This web site houses the UC a-g course lists for California high schools.

California Education Roundtable, 2006

A website which contains comprehensive information about all post-secondary educational options in California, including state universities, private colleges, community colleges, and career preparation programs.

Realizing the College Dream

Center for Educational Partnerships, Realizing the College Dream Curriculum, 2006

Pages 174 -179 of the "Realizing the College Dream" curriculum contains a planning guide template that will assist you in creating a four-year academic plan and completing a transcript evaluation.

UC Individual Academic Planner

University of California EAOP, July 2005

A planning guide for high school students.


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