Transcript Evaluation to Increase College-Going

Transcript sample

What is on a transcript?

The way information is arranged on a transcript can vary greatly from school to school. However, the content of a transcript is generally the same. This section focuses on the content and the importance of the different categories of information contained on a transcript.

  • Courses from all schools the student has attended
  • Course codes and the dates they were taken for each semester or trimester
  • An indicator such as a P or CP to designate which courses are college-prep and/or "a-g" courses
  • Summer school courses
  • College courses
  • Test scores, which may include SAT, ACT, CAHSEE, AP, CST and Golden State Exams
  • Grade Point Average – High school GPA and/or UC/CSU GPA. For the differences between the various GPAs, go to the section on “How do I figure out a student’s GPA?”
  • International course work





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Last modified on 9/10/2009

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