Increasing Access to "a-g" Curriculum


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Your first steps will be to gather the documents and a worksheet.

Step 1: Pull your school’s "a-g" list
Go to the UCOP Doorways "a-g" Course List web site even if you are not sure your school has an "a-g" course list (to get there, go to the Doorways home page and click on "a-g Course Lists"). Enter your school’s name. You might have to try a few versions, especially if it’s an acronym. Print out the most recent “a-g” list available.

If your school does not yet have an "a-g" list, talk to your principal and counselors ASAP.  You can apply anytime to have an "a-g" list established but your school does have to at least be a candidate for WASC accreditation.  See the New School Application found on Doorways for further information.  Even without an "a-g" list, you can still conduct a master schedule analysis.

Step 2: Pull your school’s master schedule
If your school or district runs on AERIES or SASI or another similar program, this should be easy.  The master schedule is the document, usually in the form of a grid, that shows who is teaching what course (with course codes), at what time, and how often (sometimes including how many students are enrolled). Depending on the size of your school, your master schedule could be one page or 50 pages. Regardless, print it out.

Step 3: Print out the Master Schedule Analysis Worksheet Template
The Master Schedule Analysis Template is listed in the resources below.  

Step 4: Assemble your materials and resources
Grab a pencil and highlighters (7 different colors if you have them — one for each of the “a-g” subject areas), then nab a partner (this is much easier and faster when done with two people, not to mention the conversation is more interesting). And finally, find a place to work, typically for about an hour — maybe longer if your school has 1,500 students or more.

Step 5: Start the analysis


Master Schedule Analysis Template

Center for Educational Partnerships, UC Berkeley

The master schedule analysis template assists in understanding the opportunity students have, or do not have, in accessing "a-g" coursework at your school. CTfS_Master_Sched_Analysis.xls (37.89KB)


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Last modified on 1/1/2010

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