Increasing Access to "a-g" Curriculum

Teacher helping students

Overview of Master Schedule and “a-g” Analysis

A simple analysis can quickly indicate a school’s ability to offer sufficient “a-g” courses to its students by comparing the school’s master schedule to its “a-g” list. This analysis will show how many “a-g” courses are offered, and how many sections of each course are offered. It reveals how many students are challenging themselves and able to access “a-g” curriculum. It also lets you see what courses are on your official Doorways “a-g” list but not offered, and what courses being taught in your high school might have “a-g” potential. 

Conducting this analysis annually will help keep your Doorways list up-to-date and accurate, allow you to conduct a series of analyses, reveal what percentage of your courses meet "a-g" standards, and may well open opportunities to increase the number of  “a-g” courses and access to these courses for your students, helping them meet their college-going aspirations.


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Last modified on 9/10/2009

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