Advancing College-Going Culture

Students visiting George Washington University

College-going best practices (K-14) from partner schools

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The following are resources and best practices created by partner schools working in conjunction with the College Access Project and the Center for Educational Partnerships. They include lessons plans for the first day of school, how to plan a college tour/field trip, and many K-14 classroom and school-wide activities.




College Scavenger Hunt Materials

Adapted from Tennyson High School, Hayward, California

The document includes the logistical planning for having a group of students visit a campus and two sample scavenger hunts for students to complete during their visit (San Jose State University and UC Berkeley) that can be adapted for other tours or visits. Scavenger_Hunt_Exercise_FNLversion.doc (50.18KB)

College Visit Scavenger Hunt for Middle School Students

Edna Brewer Middle School, Oakland California

A teacher-developed scavenger hunt activity for middle school students visiting UC Berkeley. A model for how to develop a similar activity for a visit to any institution of higher education. Brewer_Scavenger_Hunt_to_UCB.doc (131.58KB)

Poster Project: Realizing the College Dream

San Lorenzo High School; San Lorenzo, CA: 9th Grade Advisory Teachers

Groups of 9th graders were assigned a specific college or univeristy, created a poster and presented information to their Advisory class. Next week, the posters were displayed throughout the school, and students did a scavenger hunt to collect information from the posters, as well as from teachers and staff. Description of project, directions for teachers, and scavenger hunt are included in the download. Realizing_the_College_Dream_Poster_Project.doc (74.75KB)

Fall 2009 for Cal State Campus Events Preview

California State University

A listing for CSU campus events, such as Preview Days, open houses, special tours by department or group, and major sporting events.

"See" what's Happening at UC!

University of California Office of the President

Check out each UC campus via virtual tours, webcams, and photos.

College Going Jeopardy

Adapted from Gear-Up materials

A college-going Jeopardy game, with questions and all the categories and money signs. A good motivational tool to get students interested in knowing more about college. College_Jeopardy_Revised.doc (66.05KB)

Introduction to College Activity

Richmond High School, West Contra Costa Unified School District

A work sheet that helps students identify what they know about college, what their interests are, what courses they need to take, etc., and can help begin the college dialog. Intro_to_College_and_Requirements_resources.doc (28.67KB)

What is your Ideal College?

Tennyson High School, Hayward, California

A good activity before students participate in a college fair or hear presentations by college representatives. Helps students identify aspects of college life that are most important to them. Ideal_College_Activity.doc (31.74KB)

Ideas for First Day of School College-Going Activities

Tennyson High School, Hayward, California

Ideas for how to integrate college-going into some of the "get to know you" activities you might do during the first few days of school. CGCfirstday_of_school_add_ons_to_present_activities.doc (39.94KB)

Creating a College Walk

Hoover Middle School, San Jose California

An action plan for how to develop a college walk activity at a middle school to increase the dialog and conversation about college and introduce students to the variety of colleges and universities that the teachers attended. Creating_a_College_Walk__Hoover.doc (33.28KB)

Using Teachers Own Education Experiences to Increase College Talk

Hoover Middle School, San Jose California

An action plan to use teacher educational journeys to increase dialog and conversation among students and staff about collge options. Teacher_Ed_Journeys_Hooverimplemenplans.doc (36.86KB)

Doing your own College Fair

Tennyson High School, Hayward California

Instead of having representatives from colleges and universities visit your school for a college fair, why not have the teachers, administrators, staff and alums represent the schools they went to and have your OWN internal college fair? This helps students and teachers make a personal connection around college, and it becomes a full school and community activity. This resource includes a sample flyer, and sample letters to alums and letters for teachers to send to their alma maters. THScollegefair.doc (25.6KB)

Annual Earnings by School Level

Adapted from Realizing the College Dream

Earnings by educational level. Annual_earnings_by_school_level.xls (15.87KB)

Career Day: Tips for Speakers and Questions for Students to Ask

Midde School Teachers, unknown attribution

Tips for speakers coming in to classrooms and schools on how to approach presenting to middle school students and suggested questions for middle school students to ask presenters. Tip_and_Questions_for_presenting_to_MS_students.doc (37.38KB)


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Last modified on 12/31/2009

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