Advancing College-Going Culture

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Planning and setting goals

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The second step in assessing and building the college-going culture in your school is to:

  • Inventory and assess present activities and challenges
  • Agree on a few (one to three) of the nine college-going elements to work on
  • Establish a few goals for the year under each college-going element
  • Develop an action implementation plan for each goal

Remember: start with doable goals (for example, set up a college corner in every classroom)

The following resources give you the tools for how to accomplish your planning/goal setting. They include templates for developing goals and action plans, and examples of plans developed by schools for you to review and consider.


Goal Setting for College-Going Elements

UC Berkeley, Center for Educational Partnerships

After assessing the college-going culture at your school, this one-page template will help your school set college-going goals and develop an implementation plan for taking action. Goal_setting_for_CGC_elements.doc (23.04KB)

College-Going Baseline Practices and Expectations Grades K-12

UC Berkeley, Center for Educational Partnerships

A list of baseline expectations for developing a college-going culture in elementary, middle and high schools. This list can be used by schools as they plan and assess their efforts in this area. CGC_Baseline_Expectations.doc (39.94KB)

College-Going Implementation Plan Template

UC Berkeley, Center for Educational Partnerships

An easy-to-use implementation template for each of the goals you are developing. Helps schools look at resources and barriers to meeting goals. CG_Implementation_Plan_Template.doc (31.23KB)

College-going Implementation Plan Template (2)

Center for Educational Partnerships

Another easy-to-use action planning template, as you develop ideas for college-going activities and project. SFUSD_GEAR_UP_CGC_Plan_Aug_2008.doc (29.7KB)

Sample College-Going Action Plan: Setting the Tone for the Beginning of School

Tennyson High School, Hayward, California

Example of how an urban high school planned for starting the school year with a college-going flavor. CG_Implement_Plan-Tennyson_ToneFall05.pdf (69.51KB)

Sample College-Going Action Plan: Developing College Corner in Every Classroom

Tennyson High School, Hayward, California

An action plan for creating a college-going corner in each classroom in an urban high school. CG_Implement_Plan-Tennyson_CollegeCornersFall05.pdf (59.98KB)

Sample College-Going Plans within Small Learning Communities

Tennyson High School, Hayward, California

Ideas for Small Learning Communities on how to develop college-going culture. CGCPlans_SLC_THS.doc (34.3KB)

Sample College-Going Action Plan: Using Teacher Educational Journeys to Increase College Talk

Hoover Middle School, San Jose, California

How a middle school planned to use its teacher educational journeys to increase dialog and conversation about college. Teacher_Ed_Journeys_Hooverimplemenplans.doc (36.86KB)

Sample College-Going Action Plan: Developing an Academic Word Wall

Hoover Middle School, San Jose, California

A middle school plan for developing an Academic Word Wall to increase student achievement and college-going culture. Academic_Word_List__Hooverimplementationplan.doc (31.74KB)


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Last modified on 9/10/2009

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