A Tool Kit for California High Schools

Looking for College Enrollment information?

For information on application and enrollment requirements for specific colleges in California, please visit their websites.

The systemwide home of the University of California provides links to each of the 10 UC campuses.

The California State University system includes 23 campuses. For links to their web sites, visit the CSU home page.

Learn about the extensive network of schools that comprise the California Community College system on its web site.

The web site of California Vocational Schools provides information on dozens of professional and vocational schools and training programs.

The web site of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities helps you find schools by geographic area, type, or program categories.

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College Tools for Schools is a web-based tool kit for California high schools eager to expand college-going. These tools address a pressing need: California ranks 48th among the states in the proportion of graduating seniors who go on to four-year colleges. For background, please see the About section of this website.

    The tools offered here fall into five categories:
  • Advancing College-Going Culture
    Tools that demonstrate the importance of going to college, the barriers that often prevent college attendance, and the steps required to overcome them. Here teachers and counselors will find methods for building a college-going culture.
  • Increasing Access to "a-g" Curriculum
    Outlines of UC and CSU entrance requirements, and how they progress over the four years of high school. Included here are ways to expand courses in your high school that meet "a-g" requirements.
  • Transcript Evaluation
    This section offers TES, the Transcript Evaluation Service. TES electronically analyzes the transcripts of high school students in order to determine "a-g" benchmarks. We describe the reports it can provide and how you can use them.
  • SLCs and Career Academies
    Small Learning Communities (SLCs) and Career Academies open pathways for increasing building a college-going culture and increasing eligibility. By applying the tools in this section you can establish or strengthen Small Learning Communities in your school.
  • More Tools
    Here you'll find a glossary of terms, useful articles and web pages not included in the 4 main topic areas, and a comprehensive list of resources available on this website.

If you know about other resources that other teachers and counselors might benefit from using, please contact us with the name and location of the resource.

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